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Katy Pressure Washing Pros is proud to lead the industry with a new technology that makes pressure washing more efficient and environmentally friendly. When we perform a pressure washing project, we reclaim and recycle the wash water. This means we capture the wash water, contain it, and properly dispose of it. We use great care to control the wash water, which we reclaim by utilizing powerful vacuums to pump it into reservoirs on our trucks, and then we transport the reclaimed water to approved water recycling sites. Our employees are carefully trained in this water reclamation technology.
It is important that all of the wash water be reclaimed. Recent studies have found that wash water contains harmful materials that have been cleaned from the surfaces. The content can include anything that has been cleaned, and the water may contain dirt and grit, pollution residue, biological materials, and sometimes residues of dangerous chemicals. Wash water is potentially a pollutant and is regulated in most areas. Careful control of the wash water keeps it from entering storm drains and preventing potential violations of environmental regulations.
Pressure Washing that does not use this technology not only risks violating environmental regulations,, but also may have other negative impacts. Wash water can damage lawns or plantings and can leave unattractive stains. With Katy Pressure Washing Pros on your project, there will be no wash water escaping onto your lawn or anywhere else. It’s environmentally friendly, and simply safer for homes.
The reason for our use of water reclamation technology is because we take pride in our environment. We truly feel that because such a great process exists, it’s our duty and responsibility to utilize this to the full potential. The fact that normal pressure washing services can cause harm to our land is unacceptable in our view. This exceptional water reclamation technology allows our company to provide the highest quality Pressure Washing services to give your property a beautiful look, while at the same time keeping our environment safe from harmful elements!
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